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Documents Provided by Oklahoma
ADRC Name Oklahoma Aging and Disabilities Resource Consortium
ADRC Web site
Lead Agency Oklahoma Department of Human Services - Aging Services Division
Year of Federal Grant Award (If Applicable) 2009
State Contact Karen A. Poteet
Programs Administrator- ADRC
Oklahoma Department of Human Services - Aging Services Division
Options Counseling for 2010 Grant Contact Deidra McCloud
Programs Field Representative
Oklahoma Department of Human Services - Aging Services Division
Program Sites
Areawide Aging Agency, Inc  
Central Oklahoma Economic Development District  
Progressive Independence, Inc.  
Central Oklahoma  
Eastern Oklahoma Development District  
Dynamic Independence  
Grand Gateway Economic Development Association  
Kiamichi Economic Development District of Oklahoma  
Oklahomas for Independent Living  
Northern Oklahoma Development Authority  
Oklahoma Economic Development Authority  
Association of South Central Oklahoma Governments  
South Oklahoma Development Association  
Southwestern Oklahoma Development Authority  
Indian Nations Council of Governments (INCOG) AAA  
Program Design
Overall Model The Oklahoma Aging and Disabilities Resource Consortium’s (ADRC) mission is to provide the public with information and options regarding long term support, planning and decision-making. The ADRC vision is person-centered and integrated long term care systems that promote independence, individual choice and respect. The ADRC is operated statewide by Area Agencies on Aging and Centers for Independent Living. The goal of the Oklahoma ADRC program is to provide all Oklahoma citizens, regardless of income, a "no wrong door" system for information and options benefit counseling regarding long-term care decision-making and planning. Oklahoma plans to develop a person-centered information system accessible to the public, professionals and target populations offered in alternate formats. They will also ensure that caregivers and care receivers are supported in a way that honors individual choice by providing training to I&A specialists.
Target Populations Persons 60+ and people with disabilities
Streamlining Access Plans Oklahoma will streamline access to services by creating a standardized and efficient entry process for public and private pay services. They also plan to further develop formal linkages between and among the public and private providers of long-term care supports by creating MOUs and other formal agreements.
Program Expansion and Sustainability Oklahoma ADRCs are currently statewide.
Options Counseling As a 2010- 2012 Options Counseling grantee Oklahoma is collaborating with the Administration on Community Living to create national minimum standards for options counseling as well as developing statewide standards. Draft state standards will be tested in at least one area beginning in October 2011.
Care Transitions  
Evaluation and Quality Improvement  

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